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Sarah Gillon-my story

"Ever since my childhood I saw myself as an actor of many characters and a loving teacher. With time, I have learned to combine my talent and my hearts tendency -to treat with great intimacy and perform on a stage in front of a big crowd and have come to understand that in all ways in which I reflect myself I bring a message of love and transformation to people, and the ability to truly be in peace with oneself."

For 35 years I walk on a path of conscious choice. At the early age of 17.5 I attended my first awareness workshop, and continued with studying Kabbalistic meditation and reincarnation. I keep adding more tools to my bag and believe that the essence is development, evolution, and that our biography shapes our spirit and our spirit our boography.

I grew up in an extraordinary home, rich and bountiful in culturally and spiritually .

My late grandfather was the manager of "The Broomstick" theater (before Israel was established) and an impresario of international artists (the late violinist Yehudi Menuhin, the comedian Danny Kaye, ballet companies, opera singers etc…). , As a child I met many actors and artists at my grandparents' house, had a subscription to the philharmonic Orchestras concerts from the age of 8 and was glad to wear my velvet dresses to The Mann Auditorium. My grandfather from my mother's side was a well-known ear nose and throat doctor, loved by kids, who greeted all with a warm welcome. Today it is clear to me that he was a healer. As my healing teacher from London, Betty, used to say: some doctors are healers and some aren’t.


My grandmother, Vera, was a singer who believed that engaging in art is a wonderful, supreme and important thing. she represented the opposite of a "Polish education", and made it natural for me to choose to attend a Drama school and become an actress, as I did.

Already an actress on stage, I notices that I was constantly drawn to treating people. I followed my heart and reached Morris Dobkins, a healer who specializes in treating cancer patients. I studied with Morris for two years

listening to my inner voice I continued to study in London with the wonderful Betty Balcomb, who made me feel at home right from the start. In my very first lesson with I remembered that as a child my father asked me to put my hands on his forehead and "preform healing on him". My father studied law in London, where he got involved in "Spiritualism"(before this new-age era). He started speaking of healing, of the journey of the souls and of the spiritual world, before anyone else did, so he was considered exceptional in all respects as well as being a brilliant lawyer .

I inherited a huge spiritual heritage from my father. I didn't acquire most of my knowledge in workshops or courses, I was raised with it.

I have learned from classic healers that the healer is also a psychic.

Another part of my biography that I choose to share here is that my siblings grew up to be people withdifficulties functioning in our society. That made me function as a mother to them for many years, and made me put a lot of my energy into that help. Those years of giving and being exposed to a variety of people gave me many abilities and an understanding of reality on new levels, like seeing the big picture from an overview that is not judgmental and is above the ideas of good and bad and the concept of time. In the spiritual world there is no judgment, and there are constant repairs, so the vision that everything is for the better exists at all time. Sometimes we can't accept that point of view with our eartlhy eyes because it does not fit by the schedule that we choose to live by.

In Hassidism there is a concept known as "Bearing the Opposites" (נשיאת ההפכים): on the one hand – the world was created for me, while on the other hand – who am I and what am I, I'm a grain of sand on the shore. Both concepts exist simultaneously. In my life's experience I bear the opposites inside me: the cultural and spiritual wealth that I grew up in, and the situations when life appeared in its wretchedness, and I have learned to accept all the experiences that I have been through and let go of the baggage of shame, guilt, anger and fury.

I have also chosen to stop concealing parts of my life, and present here the full picture, because all of my experiences formed me as a therapist, a workshop leader, and mostly as a person.


Sarah Gillon
workshop leader of awareness workshops, healer and communicator, graduate of the School of Psychic Development in London.
Playwright and actress, Graduate of Beit Zvi School.
In her unique way chose the path of creation as an opportunity to send a message of awareness and fulfill her mission work.
A workshop moderator across the country for the past 18 years.

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